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Way back in the 1940's, "Big Bob" started up King Fireworks, Inc. He was the Firework King, and he had a vision that the night sky in Southwest Oklahoma would be lit up, with every color of the rainbow shimmering down, awing onlookers and leaving their ears ringing for days.

After Bob's passing in 1999, the folks at King Fireworks want to live up to his legacy. That's why we provide a wide selection of fireworks, firecrackers and sparklers.

Make your Independence Day party one the neighbors will talk about for years-stop by King Fireworks to pick up all the fireworks you could dream of.

fading quotes

Very friendly people and a pretty good selection of products

- Ron E.

Fast, friendly service, good assortment of fireworks, reasonable prices

- Dàvid J.

Great prices, lots to choose from!!

- Selitha D.

Come to us for your holiday firework collection

A staple of the Lawton summer party scene, King Fireworks is the place to go in Southwest Oklahoma for all of your firework needs. Visit us when we open because we:

  • Carry over 300 different firework products
  • Take safety seriously and always comply with state guidelines
  • Our stores open June 15th, right in time for the summer firework season

Dazzle Your Neighbors

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