A Fundraiser to Blast All Others Out of the Sky

Partner with us to sell fireworks for your club

Do you need to raise money for a field trip, mission trip or camping trip? Instead of trying to peddle popcorn or coupon books, why not sell something everyone loves? Work with King Fireworks, Inc. to sell firecrackers for your next major fundraiser.

You get a full 40% of every single sale. For reference, a Girl Scout only makes around 10% on every box of cookies she sells, and a Boy Scout only makes about 30% of every commemorative popcorn tin sold. Plus, King Fireworks will take back any products you weren't able to move, so you're not stuck paying for extra products.

Get involved in a fundraiser that's sure to bring in the money you need-call King Fireworks at 580-357-5368 to get more details.

You know your organization could use a good fundraiser

You know your organization could use a good fundraiser

Selling firecrackers from King Fireworks is a great way to raise money for your trip, activity or for general use in your club or organization. Fireworks make a great fundraiser for:

  • PTAs
  • School sports teams
  • School clubs
  • Church youth groups
  • Boy Scouts and Girl Scouts

Everyone loves fireworks, so you can be confident that they'll sell and you'll raise the money you need. Plus, there's no risk of getting stuck with leftover products. Talk to us right now about how you can elevate your fundraiser.